Our safe and gentle Aloe Vera products have brought effective relief to thousands of constipation sufferers for over 22 years.

Our doctor recommended  products were created from an exclusive process concentrating natural Aloe Vera into a convenient form for proven relief of occasional constipation. Doctors who practice holistic medicine prefer natural products that promote natural bowel movement.

  • Holistic Constipation Formula

  • Made from Aloe Vera

  • Natural Colon Cleansing

  • Regulates Normal Bowel Movement

  • Supports Colon Health

Colonics are becoming an increasingly popular health practice for colon cleansing. Next To Nature is used by holistic health practitioners that perform colonic irrigation. Colonic therapists rely on Next To Nature when they need a product that is both gentle and effective.

Holistic medicine and holistic doctors prefer the natural approach. The holistic health approach is to promote healthy bowel movement utilizing natural aid to regularity instead of harsh, chemical laxatives.

Helpful Information About Constipation

Occasional constipation affects over 4 million people in the United States on a regular basis. Research shows that most of us retain food wastes and toxins too long in the colon. This is usually due to a low fiber diet and results in hard, difficult to pass stools. The standard American diet takes three full days to pass from the dinner table to the bowel movement. In countries whose food passage is 24 hours or less these diseases are rare.

The most common causes of constipation are a low fiber diet, lack of fluid consumption and too little physical activity. Other causes are:

  • Advanced age

  • Certain prescription drugs

  • Antacids, diuretics, iron tablets and muscle relaxants

  • Nerve issues affecting bowel movement

  • Prolonged bed rest

Constipation will usually respond to high fiber food, plentiful fluid consumption and increased physical activity. Even if you eat high fiber food, you may still need help occasionally to achieve a regular bowel movement. When your colon is sluggish, it is wise to choose a natural aid to regularity rather than chemical laxatives. The Aloe Vera in Next To Nature provides gentle relief without the feeling of urgency.

Establishing regular bowel movement is important to your health. The colon and bowel are the depository for all waste material after food nutrients have been extracted. The body normally excretes waste in 18 to 24 hours. Harmful toxins can form after this period. Regular bowel movements promote good colon health. Remember to exercise, drink plenty of fluids and eat high fiber food. When these efforts don’t bring results, Next To Nature® can be a godsend to maintain regularity.